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How to activate your pet
2010-06-07 04:22
Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold which we can not leave away from sends us some important things, such as equipments, skills, and it can improve our abilities in the fighting. There are about three step interface of activate that came from other site, and you can get some information from our website when you begin.
One step, open your inventory window and right click to awaken a purchased pet form eggs, and you can pay attention to it. Secure service is cool for your character form our website, hope you coming to buy it, and it is rather cheapest than others.
Two step, the awakened pet will now be displayed in your inventory as a pet token, and this can now be placed in one of accessory slots as shown above. You will be able to summon the pet into the world with your character as long as it is awake and the pet token is placed in an accessory slot. The pet clone at the bottom right of the screen will also display that the pet is active.
Three steps, to summon the pet, click on the pet clone next to the mount clone, or press the T key, you will see a brief processing window and then your pet will appear right next to your character. You can manage inventory of your pet by clicking the icon next to the pet clone or by pressing the Y short cut key. Inventory of your pet consists of four by ten cells, and you can change settings by clicking next to the check boxes.
You will get it easily like buying game gold, and I think you must have chances to do things you like. This is all simple, I also do it easily, and also I pass many problem when I attend a team.

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