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From three races say curing star
2010-06-14 04:02
aion gold provides us some chances to play this game, and we can make enough game gold. Last article I have told you other experience, and you can put you into it to feel how interesting in fighting. I will describe that from three parts according to my experiences, and it is simple, I think you will do well.
The first is to make sure that what you will wear when you are after forty five levels, and days of family I now recommend thirty eight sets of sub chains slowly. Because copper mountain equipment does not increase blood copper up to the mountain, plus the spirit, and there is no another chance. But the down level is too low, and it does not have effect. Family day cure is to thirty eight, you can have a cost effective package, and definitely better than those expensive equipment and poor. The devil race, I strongly recommend a large patriarchal set.
The second is to know that pulsing blood is the aim of cure star, when you arrive at forty two levels, basic skills are prepared perfect, and you can make it strong when you are at forty five. The base state solution only for the team members skills, but when playing boss to give priority to the main roof off state solution, or a lot of boss skilled people in their own state after the additional spoke skills, so the state did not imagine that group solutions in handy.
The third is to understand that the ability of fighting is not strong, if you rely on a stone to get up attack, even if you play the more you and other professional or have a biog gap. Because the number of skills, the output is a bottleneck, the single brush, do not plug in the bug any card case, not enough to see the treatments of the attack, and to forty two after the cure has been exemplary before has a kite fluting capabilities.

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1, Magic Academy, this task is to get experience and can get the money, the final proxy statement can also change boi gold. 2, run companies, run business 5 times a day, earn just enough to buy medicine; 3 gold explorers We should Yes, the specter of a day spend 40 minutes digging grass, grass can change the specter of 20 gold coins, in addition to open Isis Box of gold, one day of 9 buy boi gold. Then go to explorer the store to buy three one synthesis operator, you can gem the synthetic; 4, precious stones, is all used, in particular, crit, but where were precious stones, everyone will think - "BOSS "!First of all, the first "BOSS" is the crocodile lord, lord a crocodile killed a day on the line, 1-8 lanes kill, to get five stones cheap boi gold. 5, synthetic character, precious stones, and the next is the co-gem, I've never been alone together anti-matter, matter attack alone together, alone, and blood stone, other stones and casual. 6, feel the new, magic ring fragments, Magic of the Blue Dragon of accessories we all should know. Some people say that silver chest to open direct access to the awakening, the magic ring fragments, it is indeed good, but that should Battle of immortals gold. In fact, the easiest is to find the magic dragon to space 2. 7, free to make Dead festival or a helmet, do not stay quiet fire every day. Or online to buy buy Battle of immortals gold.

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