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divine soul will be come 2009-12-30 09:05

horizontal scroll bar with the existing version of the action game different, the soul of the holy spirit is a full-3D manner, and supports 45-degree angle, preview view, behind perspective action game, player will be able to feel more exciting piquant gaming pleasure.
In the game, divine soul gold are very heavy things must, you have to buy divine soul gold, if you want to use cheap divine soul gold to buy some high-level skills and equipment, you can come into divine soul online gold to find how to make divine soul money.
In addition, the game also provides players gathered for the great city, reducing the players to the villages, overcrowded feeling depressed. And accompanied by the players to the villages, overcrowded feeling depressed. And accompanied by the growth of class players, the game will be more monster high degree of intelligence, the player will be able to experience more intense the content of intense fighting, the player will be able to experience more intense the content of intense fighting.
Continuous multi-level skills, a sense of gorgeous carefree movements most prominent feature of the game. Boss strange high intelligence, will let gamers feel the thrill of fighting terror to stimulate.
Also, for each player to complete the task when the main stage, but also through a pair of scissors, stone, cloth of the game to obtain valuable props, but also enhance the game interesting.
The open video content based on the first test in the debut of the Irish Brewood Urban background, the various professional roles and a monsterbattle between the start of the wonderful pictures and the fog of the forest, underground sewer City etc, are presented in the film 11.

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Mix Master Storm 2009-12-30 09:04

Mix Master is a South Korean company has developed the latest online games XiaMedia masterpiece, on April 15 in South Korea since the public beta, only 5days, which had exceeded the number of concurrent million mark, the current average daily number of registered members an increase of 2 million people in more than a few have been more than 200000members. Since the Mix Master the beta launch of its linear increase in the number of concurrent trends, in view of the server, full operators had to an emergency add a set of servers, so that the game is also online this week, is expected to reach 10005 thousand mark, be called a number of recent South Korean network, a new bright spot. The game, you can use mixmaster gp to trade game currency and mix master gp can also be used to purchase the needed equipment, and sometimes you have to save up mixmaster online gp as a hedge, while the mixmaster gold is also important, the mixmaster online gold must not be a lack of the game.
Mix Master is a pet for the development and develop to upgrade the concept of fighting as the main screen a large network of cute cartoon-style role-playing games, one of its most important feature of the old turn-based rejection of the use of a new real-time battle mode, it can be said is the first real-time combat pet department online games. Each player can simultaneously lead the three adorable pet wizard fantasy mainlands China where the composition of teams started adventure, fight together. In addition, Mix Master also has a similar to the MSN, set your friends to chat and the blessings of function and integrated communication system.

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Simple introduction 2009-12-24 08:56

Sho Online Mun to set in art, the Republic of Korea is different from the previous games, the background set the coexistence of the ancient era of the Chinese people Cauldron, the game has attracted the art style is full of Shenhuan aesthetic feeling.
The game there are two opposing camps: Yin and business, these two forces engaged in fighting the main site from the Yan Zhao, zhaoge to Zhou fiefs Xiqi a number of passes between the mouths, while in addition opposing players outside, Sho Mun  adopt a new NPC AI system, which the monster is also mutually exclusive. Has opened five ethnic factions, inter-ethnic presence alliance and hostile, worship, control four kinds of interaction between players can depend on their own strategic needs, the use of the contradiction between players can depend on their own strategic needs, the use of the contradiction between the NPC to reach their own purpose. When players kill a certain family of strange will have with this kind of monster opposition to other racial monster's support and help, while the alliance with the monster of this monster, as players will race as a sworn enemy, pursued vigorously.
Sho Online gold can be obtained by playing monster. Sho gold is a very important thing. So, you had better buy Sho Online gold.
They reveal refers to the ability to have a mysterious animal. But Daoxing highly mobile means immortal, but also could play a protecting fairly, and other special capabilities. They reveal the role of the game is a direct train a pet, for protection of the game, attack the enemy's supporting role. They reveal the extent of management in accordance with the player to determine their image, change shape and ability to grow to the highest level will also have the means to move the function.
This is a very fun game.

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Cartoon-style game 2009-12-24 08:56

Seal Online is a cartoon-style online games, when the beta was ranked Number six in the hand synthesis in Taiwan, ranking No.3 and had just heard of the games domestic prices of up to five million U.S. dollars proxy, many players in the game seal online gold also get a lot of experience at the game and playing mainly seal online cegel oriented, but today's news that the game play seal cegel is markedly lower, therefore, many people may need to buy seal cegel.
It is understood that, in fact in January of this year, that is, Seal Online start charging, the core development team has already submitted his resignation report. At that time the industry on the speculation that they had left might be because there is no correspondingly seal gold. As a result, the people who buy seal gold less.
Seal Online, with a fairy-tale atmosphere and animation style of game, showing happy, bright and humorous. Funny action figure play with a funny and interesting task to earn your smile everywhere. A rare and powerful moves, magnificent and spectacular fight, happy and funny plot will be firmly put over your heart.
All the monsters have disappeared, serene and peaceful life of this era SHILTZ, people now have no way of knowing how to live in peace, nor know the history before the era of peace is what a world. SHILTZ fan of the Kingdom of the prime minister in order to reveal the general history of specially recruited a group of adventurers, across time and space to send them to 30years ago in the past.
In this way, the game Seal Online players is to go at a historical upheavals of the 305-year survey and research why the mainland extinction of all monsters disappeared without a trace, and now the peace is what comes into being. This is the play's task is also a play's adventure.

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The introduction of the sho 2009-12-21 06:48

Sho Mun is a relatively unique one game.
By the South Korean game maker developed Sho Online Mun is a classic Chinese novel as the theme of the online role-playing games, this game is, stressed the action game effects and AL systems. Set on in art is different from the past. South Korean game, the background set the coexistence of the ancient era of the Chinese people Cauldron, the game has attracted the art style is full of aesthetic feeling. America is both a style shaped realism, fully reflected in the game where the mountains and rivers. While the ancient Shang and Zhou China’s majestic architecture it allows players the world of Chinese mythology as the person covered the story appeared in the Gods magic and sacred animal, such as: heaven and earth ring. Hot Wheels,. Thunder whip, flames dart, will wind beads, nothing on earth, whooping-day dog and so on which will appear in the game has become a popular player virtual props and pets. In addition, players can even arrives system directly to transform into a legendary figure show special forces.
Players can be based on their own strategic needs use Sho Online gold to buy something or have trade. Sho gold can be purchased in stores or in alliance deal. You can also buy Sho Online gold to game developers.
I recommend you use this game. It is easy to use, and the story unusual, interesting, different from ordinary online role-playing game, and cheaper by the benefits. I believe this game will be your prime choice to play online games.

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IMVU gives me the feeling of 2009-12-21 06:48

Game publisher will always lower cheap IMVU Credits price for you. IMVU Credit is our concern, cheap imvu Gold, they provide a competitive, reliable reputation, and are an excellent thing. We can buy IMVU Credits to play this game.
Turn back, to talk about experiences, First, no matter what should pay attention to skills, there are long and short term. The game where playing at the same time, we must know how to plan. Second, decisive is the best choice. The games’ difficult will increase with the speed of the increase, then this time, and time is crucial. Third,
In the game, we played one or more virtual characters, the same people who are heroes, abilities detached.
Killing and the killing is the eternal theme of online games. I am saying is, do not look too PK simpler and more DO not look at PK is too complicated, some expert will say that PK, the main read operation. Then brag about how the operation of their own frightening how are engaged in the same Master with the outside world, do not listen to such people lie, and basically it would not matter, PK lane, of course, the composition operation, but I think the psychological quality is the most important. In other words, psychological quality determines the operation to playa game.
Clear picture of the game, gives players a dream stage and allowed us to explore an unknown world, it also for the players prepared for greater creativity, challenge themselves, challenge other players the opportunity to Ears for the virtual, seeing is believing, you want to experience this wonderful game in every possible way, or quickly entered the game to experience the bar.
Play the game in Figure 1 is too much fun not to think a little more than a little jealous of tolerance for your online games will become a very happy life.

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