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divine soul will be come 2010-01-27 05:55

South Koreas new game developer GamePrix officially opens the new online game Divine Soul. To disclose any information focuses on the soldiers, Swordsman 2 occupation, with some monster picture, Divine Soul with special emphasis on the high monster AI designed to allow players feel the thrill of fighting the process. When the player through each checkpoint, you can also play with the computer with the scissors, stone cloth, finger-guessing game, this is also a way to get divine soul gold, guess to win the opportunity to get a lot of treasure, or divine soul online gold, which is fun at the game a special emphasis. Divine Soul is a gorgeous video game-like combat MMORPG, is fun of action some element of teamwork. The use of skills and resorted to aerial combos tend to unlimited combos is its greatest charm. The game is characterized by 1. South Koreas new game developer GamePrix developed 3D fantasy online games 2.With a gorgeous video game-like combat, action, partially filled with elements of work, in many team games, divine soul money is not a lack of something 3. The use of skills and resorted to aerial combos tend to unlimited combos 4. When the player each checkpoint, you can also play finger-guessing game with computer games.
In addition, the game also provides players gathered for the great city, reducing the players to the villages, overcrowded feeling depressed. And accompanied by the players to the villages, overcrowded feeling depressed. And accompanied by the growth of class players, the game will be more monster high degree of intelligence, the player will be able to experience more intense the content of intense fighting, the player will be able to experience more intense the content of intense fighting. In the game, cheap divine soul gold is certainly indispensable for something, I suggest you buy divine soul gold.
In this game, players can appreciate the unique 3Dgames COMBO continuous skills, and a strong sense of movement. The game is gorgeous, gives you visual enjoyment, and in my opinion is a very good game. I believe we can go to try, there will be a different feeling.

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Lovely pets will come 2010-01-27 05:55

Mix Master by the South Korean company's launch of Virgin XAI MEDIA works with animation-style graphics and cute characters fresh is the battle with the monster of a problem-solving adventure game.
First game to create their own characters set of character, gender, date of birth and other factors. Each role are equipped with monsters, to take part in the fighting, so that it better assimilation and integration in the game itself, is needed domesticated monster, you can use mixmaster gp to buy some drugs to prevent the death in combat.
Mix Master all the monsters can be tamed, domesticated beast that he can easily destroy a city, the power powerful. Player's goal is to become an excellent Mix Master, this end, travel the world, traveling the globe. However, travel around the world need mixmaster online gp as a basis, are you ready to have enough mixmaster gold?
In the game, if all players have almost the end of the monster can only feel tired and lost the game fun. In order to prevent such situations from occurring MIX game fashion. To train your monster into a stronger and more necessary for the existence, that this is of individual monster mix with other players, and the need to use mixmaster online gold to buy props to domesticate it. Monster inherited a mixture of original features and has a new image and superior skills, so that mix master gp is a very important thing.
Mix Master is not a 3D game, but it has a picture of desperate person effect, lovely and fresh, the player to become a cartoon character as a kind of illusion. Believe that it will bring you a lot of fun, please hurry to join us.

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Soul caliber OL opponent 2010-01-27 05:55

Development off Stardust Story, RO Ragnarok, GE Excalibur and other games masterpiece of the RO's father Kim Hak-kyu, announced the development of new works, Kim Hak-kyu plans to launch new games of this type of that he had not developed a martial arts game. He said , though not yet open to the public the game details, but certainly is a martial arts type of game is not wrong.
Of course you need to use projectld gold to buy some things in order to create the role of production in the time of their gender, stature, appearance, clothing, weapons, occupation, and so the details could allow gamer, and even the role of a move one type so on are also free to deployment. If your projectld online gold is not enough, you can consider buy projectld gold.
Kim Hak-kyu, in his personal website LameProof in the New Game Project Questionnaire in the title has done a lot with the martial arts on the survey. The questionnaire, he suggested that in the game with martial arts self-proclaimed human players, the greatest survival what is the purpose? If you are a martial arts master, you think you can do what kind of action, displaying what kind of moves? A number of martial arts themes, your favorite content are what? and other issues so users can answer.
In the game certainly is not the lack of projectld money, and in the game, when you create a character customization options is very rich, professional display is gorgeous, the characters are also very beautiful. Come our company to buy projectld online gold.
Play a combination of dodge, internal strength and other content, and as martial arts technique as displayed Sword techniques, so that players can enjoy the art of combat martial arts show, you can try. I believe the game will give you lot of fun. But the eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom, ultimately how and whether it meets your taste, it is necessary you personally experience the. This set is a martial arts type of games is not wrong.

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Tarot online games 2010-01-27 05:55

South Korea EYA Interactive Tarot MMORPG iris online is to have exquisite graphics and an interesting fairy-tale-like games, with fantastic view of the world game.
Iris online has humanity, wizard, orc and other three races, for the lovely wind fantasy online role-playing game. Play the role of combining the power of the mysterious Tarot can be a special ability to develop the role, while the falling monster game card, allow the role players in a certain period of time transformed into a monster, there may be to capture and control monster riding system, and so on. Iris online at the same time has the player-vs.-players system to allow players to experience the fun of competing with each other. Victory in battle, then there will be some iris online gold as a prize.
Feature representation of the game content is Tarot system. Game of the Tarot is not only a simple point, the player can use the Tarot cards to cultivate personal role in weapons or armor can also add the power of the card and then to the weapons shop to use iris gold given to them special abilities.
Iris online also in Greek mythology as the center and charming smile, the name of the rainbow goddess, and the concept of combining the Tarot originated in the Middle Ages, players can adventure through the world in the Middle Ages, players can adventure through the world in the IRIS process, the collection to a variety of different implication of the Tarot, present their own ability to strengthen, incarnations, or add special abilities as a weapon, etc. can be said that the core of the entire game. In the game, you had better buy iris online gold.
Iris online A notable features include a lovely picture, may be riding the strange, as well as PVP combat. However, Iris online card system is the most unique, and it makes the game cute animation style is different from other games, while buy iris gold is a very important thing. Iris online can be independent of the Tarot special way to personalize and enhance the role of settings. Monster are falling card allows players in a limited period of time mutate into a variety of monsters. In addition, Iris magic card system can have props to enhance.

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Piquant batter MMORPG 2010-01-20 06:58

South Korea gameprix developed online games action divine soul is a gorgeous sense of action and refreshing combination of action to combat RPG. With the existing cross-action version of the game in different ways, which make use of full 3D approach, be able to enjoy all the fun action game. Developer focuses on the soldiers, Swordsman 2 occupation, with some monster screen, divine soul with special emphasis on the high monster AI designed to allow players feel the thrill of fighting the process. When the player through each checkpoint, you can also play with the computer with the scissors, stone, cloth, finger-guessing game, guess have a emphasis, players can get divine soul gold by winning these games and so on.
Divine soul with a magnificent action, smooth anti-sense, the game emphasized that with the existing side-scrolling online action game different, players can feel the full 3D approach to attack a specific pleasure. St. Soul is a fighting video game like gorgeous MMORPG, moves partially filled with elements of team work, using skills and resorted to aerial combos tend to unlimited combos is its greatest charm, while the teams most indispensable is the divine soul online gold, if you are has a large number of divine soul money for the team to be a greater opportunity to win.
By the emerging online game developer GamePrix developed action RPG the soul of the Holy Spirit, the first test before the release of the game action movies, the video presents a copy of the game with the public role in fighting the strange scenes.
If you only have cheap divine soul gold, then I suggest you had better buy divine soul gold as soon as possible, in the game, there are many factors that fun waiting for you to discover, make haste to take part in it, hope you can get in this game a lot of fun.

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One of the most anticipated online games masterpiece 2010-01-20 06:58

Casual games are known as famous Nexon new MMORPG EverPlanet has been carried out a test, and received high praise players. Game description the game cute fun role in the background as the fairy-tale story of adventure on the planet. Master the planet characteristic line, walking on the planet above the global perspective the game features.
This theme-based adventure with cute online games, with cartoon character design and the performance of fairy-tale scenario, it is a prime choice for female players. In the game, players can use everplanet gold to buy cute clothes to mix in order to show they do not listen to the charm, of course, to spend more everplanet online gold to buy clothing more chic alternative.
Players in the game have their own little planet, and with the destruction of the planet started fighting the enemy. Arranged their own planet, while players can experience the joy together with the other players. It requires a lot of them cheap everplanet gold, the game engine built using self-developed games like the role of the comic books, and provide an interesting match and play the role of a new global perspective to their homes.
Ever planet is a portrayal of the planet in a variety of topics, the role of start of the game is full of personality adventure MMORPG, reflect the characteristics of the planet, providing global perspective, gives players like walking in the round ball on top of feeling. Players can produce their own planet, but that these need a lot of everplanet money, so I recommend producing their own players to buy everplanet gold.
Everplanet is a place in many depicting the story of the planet on the MMORPG, played by the player characters into the different characteristics of the debut to one to take a chance. The greatest feature of the game is to have liked a spherical glass lampshade-like Globe View point of view, the player playing running on the planet, you can feel the screen with the ball rolling effect feeling.
Interestingly, the game cute roles in the background like a fairy-tale adventure on the planet leisure MMORPG, you may wish to try, I hope you get pleasure from.

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