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Leveling Guide and Tricks 2010-05-17 04:56

Asda Story gold makes full use of conditions, and we can have a try, because I have played it for many months, during much time, I am alone, but I become very satisfied when I attend this part. If you would rather not level your character, you can rely on a power leveling service like this one. Some prices: They level your character to twenty levels: < $13.99 or to thirty levels: < $25.99. They level a brand new character to ninety levels: < $2999.99. More fighting is dungeons that starting eighteen level, and you can get more experience when killing monsters, go into a dungeon. Dungeons give a lot more experience than the outside world.
An example for seventeen levels and up when you are playing a human character is the forgotten grave. The entrance of this dungeon is at Claw of Lizard men, west of Tulane. The entrance is covered with seventy levels creatures, giving more than one thousand XP when you kill them, deeper into the grave are higher level creatures that can give a level twenty character nice XP.
Chest trading: An easy way to make a large amount of gold at lower levels in Asda Story. Buy platinum treasure chests. Especially in lower level zones, players sell them under the actual value. An example location is Welfares. People there usually sell platinum treasure chests for 100K to 200K depending on server. You can sell those same chests for 200K to 300K in Tulane.
You can make full use of this way, every level has own way to go, but if you have researched this way, you will make a great progress. And also you may like to improve your level quickly, and I like it in this time. If you have good advance, or some experiences, you can come here to share it with me, because I want to improve myself as soon as possible.

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New to something and upgrade recommendations 2010-05-17 04:56

aion gold you must have been using in the game plays an important role when we need arms, skills or other equipments, as a result, we must make full use of it, and than we can avoid things which are dangerous in the fighting. This time I want to make you know that how to upgrade as the devil, if you pay attention to it, and you will make some progress.
From one level to ten, you can help your self fight in the country where all new players live, finish your basic tasks, and than you will translate your job into ten levels when you achieve the task of nine levels. From ten to twelve levels you need kill in the city of glacial lakes, there are several tasks of killing bugbears, and you can kill them in one time. From thirteen to fifteen levels you may kill spiders in the island of brown bears, and then you repeat the money but the task to that of the blade and the whirlwind wizard in the map from sixteen to eighteen levels, if you do well in this subject, you can also make money for equipment, during which if someone went to brush Blackfoot, make blue fitted also good experience considerable.
Of nineteen to twenty one levels, then you need repeat the task of making money, fight wolf, loan-to-mouse, snowman, if you do not want to only fight wolf, wolf blood less, although high attack, but not significant. You can go to fight forest mushrooms from twenty two to twenty four levels, in comber dolphin around the house thatched cottages, has been hit twenty five, in the meantime, brush fire hole group of people.
This is the method of the former twenty four levels, and I think you must have known it. Come on, I think you can do well in this part, because it is so easy.

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Wrong ideas smashed dragon 2010-05-17 04:55

wyd gold hears like money in society, we can not leave from it, many times we often try our bests to get it to buy or afford our demand, and we all know the importance of it in life, or in the game. It is so different from experiences that I have told in former, but it is very useful, and I think you can get much thought at this moment.
Smashed dragon is often very annoying, it is more difficult to hit. Read many articles report found there are different views, but most are wrong. I will give you some of the following model, can give you some reference. The first error is the transfer of the kingdom of smashing dragon, and this is the way many players have not found the Kingdom later in the move to reduce the FPS, there can only maintain the speed and stability, often long before they lost half a day show up failure or success, so this method is wrong.
The second error is the number of laps to drop dragon, and this is the way many players, and molecular changes in the number of laps I think does not matter, but in six to seven of fifteen laps when the transfer is much easier indeed, a coincidence or a secret I do not know, but you can guarantee that the number seven to eight to nine, not a very good way to ring true.
The third error is transfer to drop dragon, this method is more modern, but okay to drop one to sixty seven or eight or nine to be difficult, transferred, FPS will shift from low to high molecular changes at this time is the same low on high, one to six molecules already large, low on the high success of the process is indeed easy? If you can guarantee FPS growth, you begin to grow molecular 0, then I am not saying that however suggest that you do not so smashed after seven.

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How to make more and more money and equipments 2010-05-10 04:25

wyd gold is my favorite in the game, in fact, it is very popular among players, and it our integral part of the necessity. We are players, not only need arms, but also we need learn some skills from other senior. At some particular time, we need use it to change for things which we need, and we must master chances quickly.
My experience is that if you want to become an occupational dragon, and you will need enough selfness and suggestion. I think you can do well, now I will let you know what occupational dragon is. In defense of your blood which is less than one thousand three hundred you need to run dragon bone, and the location of the bones of god. The question is how do you run, start running a few lines.
Generally experienced players know that the first server, and a brush that is two ancient. When your defense and reach one thousand three hundred when the blood can go to hell run keel, hell but a good place, there are many dragons, water volume and equipment are many. When you find the key to this time, there used to be a clear line of each location. General stairs sheep and water triangle between the sheep run to three times to ensure that you have a lot of harvest. If more people running, it may not be fruitful.
If you have time and energy, you can go the river devil run, because that would be the water volume or dragon. In general, about five minutes or so brush the water volume, the recent brush very powerful, and it is estimated not so long. Finally do remember to go easy, go after and return to cloak more convenient, and I think you must be harvested.

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Renown Grinding Tips 2010-05-10 04:25

worldedition gold is so hard to waste money to buy, we need decrease mistakes, and learn skills well. Everyone is simple, but a team has a large energy, and we can fight with this power. No one can avoid fighting only if you want to enter into high level, however high or low, you may face enemies, or bugbears and we only try our best to fight.
Now this time is my experience about renowned grinding tips, and I hope you can settle your trouble with this ways. We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention. Combat Awareness needs increases percent five EXP in Realm, and realm combat. For Glory you need increase five percent renown earned while fighting in scenarios. Dwarfs Fear Me: Killing a Dwarf will reduce the Moral of any opponents nearby at death.
You can also use Renown to purchase Stat Increases. To increase one of your stats by 3, it will cost one Renowned Point. Below are examples of the Stat increases. Maybe I need increase your strength by three, costs one Renown Point. But if you want to assault me, you need increase your strength and weapon skill by three, cost two renown Points.
Assault III: Increases you Strength and Weapon Skill by nine, costs six Renown Points. Opportunist I: Increases Melee attack chance by two percent, costs five Renown Points. In addition to Renown Points, you will also gain certain rewards based on your Renown Rank. These rewards are listed below. Hope something in the message above helped! If you want to get a higher level for your character in short time, or want to service for your character in the game, and our site is your best choice. Catch some most chance, and you will have a new life.

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High House Selection Guide 2010-05-10 04:25

tera gold can give you a good way to go, and I think you can do well in this game. If you want to get information that we got it from other site, you may improve quickly, if you are interested in this guide, and you will like it. In fact, it is basic for you, and you will understand to learn it.
This guide is for you having trouble deciding which High House to ally with in The Chronicles of Spell born. House Rune craves knowledge in any form, and they can achieve aims what they want. Initially a part of the Dead spell Alliance, House Rune decided to stay with the remaining Houses instead, for too much they had changed that needed to proper research first, and we would have important found in this part.
As the Great Collapse had shifted the magical spectrum, House Rune initially focused on rediscovering the essence of magic that had changed so fundamentally, leading many to think that House Rune consists solely out of mages. Instead they consist out of scholar in every field. Whether they are warriors, spell casters or rogues. We provide things for you if you need. Those who want to propel their profession into the future usually join House Rune and help support the fountain of knowledge that springs within their ranks.
To Rune knowledge is what will drive the Enclave forward. That knowledge can come at a price, but House Rune is very willing to pay each and every copper for it. It is just simple experience, you only need learn how to use, and you will make some progress in this game or during the fighting. Come on, as a player, many things happen according to small and simple ways, if you have paid attention, and you will hold many chances.

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