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The bow of the same step 2010-03-29 07:18

worldedition gold can decrease trouble to make you enter into high level smooth, and you can make suitable use of it. You have known that very job or role has own task, and now I let you understand the more woods. This part is easy to know, and I think you can enjoy it. Than if you have good thoughts, please tell me, and I want to make great progress also.
Whenever you see strong bow equip your shield. Reduces the probability of a critical, it might block, and it reduces damage. Your shield will become your best friend. When fighting a Bowman, there are only a few things you need to worry about it. The first thing is match resets. It does not happen often but some Bowmen have a habit of using phantom when Arrow combo is on cool-down and their hp is low. This resets the match allowing both of you to regain HP. The second thing is strong bow. The strongest physical attack in the Chinese is arsenal. It boasts a critical increase, range increase, and a low stun probability.
It is usually followed with a strong bow to prevent your hp from going back up when they use phantom. What he is doing capitalizing on his range. They use it when you cast Fire-Wall or Ice-Wall and they use it when their HP is running low. Your nukes can not keep up and neither can Dragon flow. What you are going to need to do is equipping your shield and follow through with a phantom. The average Bow is 90 lights. That gives them 23.5m of range. You have 19m. That is 4.5m difference. It is not much but once you close the gap switch back to your spear and use the last dragon flow book followed by Emperor. Just play it safe and do not let them lead you around.

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The way of start jobbing 2010-03-29 07:18

tera gold finds a good idea which is about job for our players in the game, this way help us decrease many troubles, and we can play comfortably without doubts. If you have different ideas with me, even my point is wrong, you can provide, and than I will settle it as soon as possible.
Before starting a job, the first thing you must do now is to decide which one you will be. A trader buys the goods and sells them elsewhere for profit, while the hunters protect them from the NPC Thieves and Player Thieves that might want to take the goods away. Needless to say, those of lower level might prefer being a trader to be protected by the high level hunters, still the choice is yours to make.
Go to the respective association somewhere in town when you decide which job you will act. That is the Merchant Union for traders and the Hunter Guild for hunters. The Hunter Guild is displayed on the map, while the Merchant Union is close to the Specialties Shop. When you get to the NPC you were looking for, talk to him and chose the option join the union. That should be the second option. From this point on, you cannot change your job easily anymore without suffering heavy penalties that include 7 days with no job and a sum of gold.
You have to create an Alias after you join the union. That will be the false names that will identify you while you are jobbing. Think a lot on creating one, because after you create it, it is expensive to change it again. Talk to the NPC and chose to create an Alias. Type your desired Alias on the small text box and click on Check for duplicates. In case that name is allowed, the Confirm button will highlight and you can press it. If it is not allowed, the confirm button will stay gray and you will have to try another Alias.

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My experience of the current four ways to earn money 2010-03-29 07:17

Silkroad gold is like RMB in our life, it is necessary, and we can not leave away from it. We need make full use of it, than we can choose what we want, if we can not do it, we may lose some chances to win in the fight. Now I teach you some ways to earn money.
The first is reselling business, quotes do not have so many players do not know situations, and my way is to simple accumulation. A lot of things we are anxious to sell, and this is business. Personally feel that the bargain is still there, the mentality is very important to have to earn. But you do not shout to the world, I want it for that, people are very smart people know you want to, when the mentality was different, less room for haggling a lot. My principle is that profits of more than ten percent had to do, because I will feel that I have earned money by this way.
The second is the activity items. There are many activities in the game, as we all fight to get pearl. I am not the letter of luck, raffle items be sold for money. Some people want to buy, previously did not pay attention and be directly destroyed. The third is the life skills which is easy to earn money. Indeed many people sell mine, I had mine drugs together, but the main attack was drugs, and half a month ago to see more ridiculous, seven levels drug that no one should be. Now there is no senior medicine chest open, but it seems to open high level governance of medicine is not it. The forth is the skills of the book, but it is more and more difficulty, and I hope some give my points.
These ways you can have to research, and you can sell them when you get it. At the same time, you can earn more and more money, if you have mastered these skills.

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Quicken Your Farming Speed Guide 2010-03-22 05:57

Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold encourages us to fight with friends in the game, as a team, and we can make great progress. Now other words are unnecessary to say, and I tell you ways to go, than you can do street to finish it, and enter into high level.
Today I will explain how to make a full farmed char tell level 80 in six weeks, you have to have an old char high level or a friend high level who want to help you, and boot. ok lets start, you will make a chare and level it to level 9 with 0 gap, then take the character to the bongs area and begin to level it, but do not update the mastery any more, so you will leave it level 9, and keep leveling the character at bongs tell level 29, after that you will do something no one or a little know it called that mean you will dell our character again to level 19, and you can do it fast I tell you how, if you using multi client, take our character to hetman, flowers area, cause they r aggressive, let our char die, and you res her with the other client, do this tell you be level 19 again, and then back to bongs and keep farming there, you will get lots and lots of sp, and when you back to level 29 again, you will do the same to back to level 19 again.
But what if you do not have an old char that can res? its easy , just make a euro cleric char, this can rests our other new farming char, but take care in hetman and set far from the deviling char, or you will die also and you will need a guy to res both of you.

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Some methods teach you avoid trouble 2010-03-22 05:57

Asda Story gold hears like money, which lives in our life, and we need make full use of it. We can use it to do things that we like, and also we must learn some methods to avoid trouble. I can do well in this society, May I am fused in sadness in some time, but I can past that exam.
Increase your weapon mastery. Focusing on this skill gives you greater proficiency and hit rates for battling monsters. Do not ignore your other skill as your weaponry skill points grow, but pure XP purposes weaponry should be your focal point. Pick up all drops. If you are unsure of the worth of some drops ask other players about them or search for online advice, like at Guide. You may need these items for later quests and if you will not use them, you can always sell them.
Save your gold. As your character levels, the fighting becomes more intense. You will need money to upgrade your equipment, as well as your merchandise if you are a trader. Download bots and/or hacks if the aforementioned advice does not appeal to you. Though considered by many as cheats, and to others detraction from your role playing experience, there are those players who do not wish to grind for XP. Bots and hacks are software applications that will run your automated, repetitive tasks on the game. Torrents, Gamers Needs and Gamers Planet are some of the many sites that offer these.
Though some players participate in SP Farming, it is advisable to attempt this with alternate characters and not your original one. SP Farming involves increasing skill levels in more than the 2 skill trees, which takes your character longer to level since your talents are in many places instead of a specialized few. This is often frustrating and boring for first-time players. Once you understand how to level well with your first character, you will be more than prepared to farm with your alternate characters.

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Kill Noah and the veteran approach boss with skill 2010-03-22 05:56

aion gold has some power to make me see true clearly, in common time, I am often fused in some image, maybe in society we have to do things that we do not want to do, but we need afford enough cost. But in the game you can achieve your things according to what you thought without paid. Now I teach you a skill to kill Noah and the veteran approach boss, if you can do well, I think you can enter into high level also.
After the end of original thoughts double for very dark black not interested in this, no double does not know out of god, even two and a half hours to play A consumption of a gold not, really do not want to waste time and effort. A hole around the strange began to clear after completing the whole can be sent to kill, boss pull bow, and pulled up a direct hit. The tree out of the deep resentment of skills, others were hiding spots on it. I play guard is generally a direct resistance with, in a lot of milk do not come, when coupled with open back from the dead, or lord god. To twenty five percent of the time the tree will be out of packing, resentment explosion. Boss will be waved at a packing several times before, I did not remember the specific times. Generally three times since boss blood to one in forth when I went directly to the slopes beside the hole, and so the tree came after atomization to find me. Prior to this, other professions not be robbed in the past of hatred, robbed in the past does not matter, as I said the following. Not just to take a good guardian, boss atomized into the hillside will then come knocking people about, and then waved the explosion.
Waving in its reading of the time, the spot or quickly shield. The first time go to the hole, where an explosion this time than anyone, such as the tree came after the bombing. Other things I will tell you next time, and now you need remember what I have said. Come on, I think you can succeed.

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