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Tanks job of Eve 2010-03-02 04:25

Eve isk provides a floor for us to play, we can make full use of it, and then our arms have been gathering for our best. I think as players, we have some friends, and they can help us to pass some trouble. During most situations, we can learn skills from them who have many experiences, and we can also buy cheap arms. Only see that what we can do, and we need argue for some chances. Tank is the most important in a party, we need value it. As a member in the team, we have some rules which we need obey, and otherwise, we maybe out of this part. If the tank is dying, well then the party will be dying. Here are some tips about tanks job.
Tanks job is that tanks must use taunt two lure mobs never charge or walk towards a mob, I think you can operate well, and we can make great progress. Now I will tell you from one step to another, if you will do not understand what I say, and you can ask me to introduce in part time. But you need remember these tips, and most of them are useful for you to play.
1) Make the mob come to you
2) Never leave the tanking area
3) If a mob heads for healers/nurses, it should be decided ahead of time which tank will taunt those mobs
4) Keeping mobs distracted is top priority
5) Always have backup NPC gear, just in case your gear gets damaged
6) Only use kb to protect healers/nurses
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I added my point of area power 2010-03-02 04:25

Dungeon Fighter gold must keep enough when we fight with enemies, and we can get it from different ways. Many parts are that we face different difficulties, we can not drop up them, otherwise we will be considered as weak men, and we will be alone. Now I will share with this experience, and I think you can get what you need.
When I play light power masters, brush diagram when the room is basically small bugbears big waves and Magic explosion and Ray back to solve, very relaxed, very provincial blue. I cower, afraid to fight, so they play is a set of daunting. Jin room, first a wave, and then went before the release BOSS hood, and then balls. Magic came alive again in violence, if the BOSS can adopt to put mine back and then put the dragon fist and can not hold on the dragon fist direct release, this time came alive again in a big wave, Y-axis away, while other side of the next release hood release waves and Magic burst. Plus point is that, as commitments, to study air waves, shell, Lei back, magic burst, and got gas around, she has read over guns. Brontosaurus in the case of a sense of power output of good, and the hood removed without breaking the factors that hit attack well. Lion encounter major resistance, or a special BOSS is a halo, gone. Moreover, there is no avoiding it hit. Because I play it according to its own set of skills, and I think how to use these two. Everyone has his own style of play, as long as they used to say that someone good so why not? There is a dragon and tiger dropped the issue, I have met there are BOSS line of blood coupled with a sense of power over circumstances, a read-wave, or dragon fist build, can occur dropped, so the blame was also hit When there is a line put a small number of skills to play just fine.

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Trade Outposts and Bargain Goods 2010-03-02 04:25

Dungeons & Dragons Online Gold which is my favorite and I often try my best to get it is the center of the game, I am clever to use it to change for useful things, such as skills, arms and so on.
Other than the towns, there are some trade outposts on the map where the goods can be sold and bought. But they are somewhat unique themselves because they do not function the same way as regular Specialty Shops. First, the specialties dealer will not want to make business with you, so you will have to convince him by doing a small quest. Go to a town and equip your merchant flag.
1. Bandit Den Trade Outpost (Tiger Mountain Region) It is located inside the Bandit Den, a building a bit north of the main central building, and it is available after level 20.
Quest: Deliver an item to some Ginseng on Barroom Street of Jungian (near the entrance to the Thief Town), then kill 20 White Tigers.
2. Black Robber Den Trade Outpost (Trim Basin Region)
It is located inside the valley of the main Black Robber Stronghold, go down the Southeast path, a small tent, and it is available after level 30.
Quest: Deliver an item to the Storekeeper on Downrange (the bulky man that usually speaks nothing) and kill 20 dollars.
3. Nay Remains Trade Outpost (Taklimakan Region)
It is inside a destroyed house in the northern part of the Nay Remains circle, and it is available after level 60.
Quest: Deliver an item to Samoa of Honan and kill 20 Sharma.
Thanks yoyo for the info
4. Evil Order Trade Outpost (Minor Asia Region)
The DDO Online site mentions this outpost but I did not locate the NPC, so I presume it is closed for now.

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Junior addict 2010-02-22 06:47

Mabinogi Gold acts an interesting role in the game, as new players, old players like to take them grow together, and also they also send it to them as present. But at the same time, having good words is also useful, and many people all like it, whatever you are in society or in the game.
Rockets now have a Frostbelt, and employment is also considered for the Master that they have had some thoughts and feelings. Ice advantage is speed, when used for emergency, if the strange case of attributes of g, such as the Cypriot mouse in the blue-red spider, but also did not play as a main attack skills customs of the injury, because a storm is 200 added. PK perspective, the ice one of the Master in 1v1 situation, pairs of soldiers, and win; right bow, as long as no attacks before his death within the immediate concern, winning percentage is also 80%; right Master, needless to say, and whoever shot who hang Of course, Master Battle refer to both the set of five cases, this is a golden rule of the. But I would also like to look at otherwise indicated, even get angry law, if the other side hit first, just like the other defeated, the speed gap between the pendulums in that. Fire damage advantage is high, the department of primary magic 3 out of 1000 in the only, but also for the speed is not fast strange, and regardless of whether can unlimited fire. The fire is the best weapon to attack, according to what could become a huge damage to the other party - whether it is physical and mental. I often fights in the city is in Dun roam an eradication of n with the play like, five fires in the past, the other deadly, supplemented one, of course, the premise is that no one found me. However, the greatest enemy of the fire is the bow, as set fire slower, even if the hit look at the other side to die back, then fire the basic law should gone.

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A good way to practice level as Silver months 2010-02-22 06:47

Lineage 2 Adena guilds that there is good mean to help you enter into high level, only if you work hard to practice. That is incarnations generally incarnations for almost all occupations, are side effects, in addition to archers, especially the silver on the use of changing body can get a great advantage. The basic attributes and skills are to become active and active properties of skills, passive skills retention after changing body. After the archer by the long-range attack changing body into close combat, direct benefits are saving arrows, attack does not consume energy, and do not worry because when the use of bows and arrows to narrow the gap brought about by damage to punishment. I think you can do well, but you need take care when fighting.
When using the bow and arrow attack, once the enemy close, and injuries dropped to seventy percent below changing body not after this anguish, and because most of the incarnations of human soldiers properties, which make up the wizard warrior attributes congenitally deficient, meaning that if you are a power of 36 strength adding 4 tattoos changing body adding 4 after the power is the power of 40 tattoos. This time of shooter can make a comparison, first of all have the same basic properties, and there is no longer a disadvantage, passive skills, in addition to weight-bearing gap, there is only a passive fatal injuries, and this gap is not large, but the advantage is very obviously, is that 79 passive skills to learn fast counter attacks and dash arrows back, when you, as an archer, let the enemy close and attack you are taboo, but change into after the close combat, these two skills. The role of the very practical, you would love to play you blame energetically.

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Blue side jewelry and the use 2010-02-22 06:47

holic gold tells you the boss of blue side and how to use, I think you can do well in the this side, because my words is very clear, and you can learn it easily. I have entered into blue side for not long time, and now I can not be regarded as old members. Blue side jewelry can help you pass some points, and you need make full use of it.
For the first time to use BOSS jewelry is my first brush nobility points when the red side of the trouble, I was lost points, very depressed, and then members of the same group all the jewelry out, we try to steal back together. I was a resolution is 5 BOSS jewelry, I joke that I would like to cases escaping with money, and off the assembly line is not on the result, she said, then I would have to cry to death. Later on the sub-brush silver, they also help to see end. I have never played Silver months, let alone played, the team told me to go brush with the strange, all the equipment, Grilled to me. With a full set of BOSS jewelry, although we have no red dragon bow side is so good, but winning is still higher, as I do the dishes bow, but also play can result. Here the edge is a coalition of support.
More keenly contested game by one person is often main, several people take turns watching the market, which is a great need for BOSS jewelry, my jewelry often after 15, he was stripped, including the hard work he and his fans save a 6 command sets, but keep at least two full AS jewelry BOSS at the end of the time, due to get marks career more jewelry very tight. BOSS jewelry control, for a Union, is very necessary, leaving a fire dragon is not allocated specifically to play AS use, and I personally feel that it is very necessary.

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